The Liebster Award


The person who nominated me for the Liebster Award asked me to answer a few questions about myself. Maybe not very interesting for everyone who reads this, but here goes:

This is what I take to work as lunch: I take a salad with me to work almost every day!

The last thing I eat before I go to bed is…? If I am disciplined I eat nothing after dinner… But on a friday evening… Chips, chocolate, you name it!

My ultimate food for a roadtrip…? Most of the time I take sandwiches with me for me and my family; recently I’ve been trying to make healthier snacks like mueslibars and chia based snacks…

The person who learned me how to cook is… The pure basics I learned from my mother, but after that, most of the things I learned myself!

Three words to describe myself: Nurse, wife, mother? But these are more my ‘roles’… Next try: hard working, funny, loyal….

The reason I started this blog: I was posting pictures of the things I cook and bake on Facebook and Instagram and a very good friend of mine from Spain advisedme to start a blog! And I thought: “why not!”

When I was a child, and it was my birthday, I got to choose what we would have for dinner. I always chose a dish that my mum made with spaghetti, tomato puree, luncheon meat (smac / spam?), with eggs in it that would go in the oven. Covered with grated cheese I still like this dish! On my birthday, lately, when I have the chance, I would go out for dinner! This year I spent my birthday on holiday in Turkey. Great!

Food that I absoluut don’t like to eat is everything with liver in it. That’s about it!

When I have cheese as dessert or as a snack, my favorite cheeses are blue cheese like Blue Stilton and Magor (or Gormas), but I also love cheddar, Leerdammer or Maasdammer cheese, Spanish manchego and Italiand parmesan cheese!

Last question Barbara asked me is where I write my blogposts.. This morning I was sitting at the kitchen table and I made the selfie you see here!

I hope whoever reads this likes what they read!

Thanks to Barbara Kuiper (Twitter: @domesticbabsjuh) for nominating me! You can find Barbara’s blog here:

In a few days I will nominate another blogger for the Liebster Award!


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