Diner for the in-laws


Today my husband’s parents came from the North of Holland to visit us for the day. Very nice, and my inlaws always enjoy the things I cook, so I put some thinking in the menu for the evening.

I went for a vegetarian menu.

As starting course I decided on beet with pear and goat’s cheese and rocket. See picture… The sweetness of the pear and beets combined very well with the saltyness of the goats cheese and little sharpness of the rocket.

As a main course I made spaghetti a’ll aglio e olio, accompanied with fresh pesto, and insalata caprese. As a side dish a made bread with pesto and mozarella. This also tasted very good! Again some pictures…


For dessert a finally made what I’ve been wanting to make for a long time now: Eton Mess! I made some delicious meringues and made strawberry sauce. Combined with whipped cream it made a luxurious dessert! And another picture…

Because I expected that the kids wouldn’t appreciate the starter, I thought of a special “kids-starter” which the kids loved! I took some pieces of cucumber and made star-shaped pieces of cheese:

Anyway, we had a very nice dinner, the seven of us!!

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