Tip for a Recipe: Broccoli and Gruyère Pie


This pie I have made lot’s of time already, for a number of years now. Ideal to make in advance when you don’t have time on the day you want to eat it.

You can eat this pie as a main course with a nice salad, as a side dish, or a small piece as a snack on f.e. a birthday getogether.

And…!! Kids like this pie, eventhough it contains quite a lot of veggies!!

Anyway, you should really give making this pie a try. Success guaranteed!

What do you need: Quite a lot of Broccoli in small ‘roses’, grated Gruyere cheese, bacon pieces (or ham), eggs, salt, pepper. This makes more of a quiche. If you want a firmer, pie-like version, just add some flour. What also tastes very nice in this pie, is a splash of white wine!!

In the oven at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes and done!

Broccoli and gruyere pie

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