Apple beignets – my favorite New Year’s Eve treat!


After feeling like crap for two days, I finally feel better now, so I was thinking about what to eat on New Year’s Eve! And for sure Apple Beignets will be in the house tomorrow evening!

Apple beignets are also called Fritters. Fritter is a name applied to a wide variety of fried foods, usually consisting of a portion of batter or breading which has been filled with bits of meat, seafood, fruit, or other ingredients. In Holland we have fritters filled with apple or banana on New Year’s Eve, together with Oliebollen.

An oliebol is a traditional Dutch and Belgian food. They are called oliebollen (literally oil balls) in the Netherlands, while in Belgium they are called smoutenbollen.

Oliebollen are made by using an ice-scooper or two spoons to scoop a certain amount of dough and dropping the dough into a deep fryer filled with hot oil. In this way, a sphere-shaped oliebol emerges. Oliebollen are traditionally eaten on New Year’s Eve.

But, my favorite is the apple beignet, just because of the sugar and cinnamon layer that covers it!

So tomorrow night, guess what I will be eating…. Happy 2014 to everyone reading my posts!!




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