Tomato and beef casserole with a “roof” of potato and pesto


This is one if those recipes that I make when I feel like eating something warm and comforting. Another winner! It is savory, but also a little sweet, it is creamy and cheesy, everything I like! And too bad these dishes always come with heaps of calories, but well, you only live once they say!

400 gr of minced beef
250 gr of bacon, diced into small pieces
400 grams of potatoes, precooked and in slices
2 cans of tomatoes
Sundried to atoes, about 5, sliced
Cream, about 150 ml
Grated cheese, about 150 grams
Green pesto, about 3 tbs.

First fry the bacon and the minced beef. Then add the tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, a teaspoon of thyme, pepper, salted and a splash of cream. Let this simmer for about 15 minutes.

Pour this mixture in a 20 x 30 casserole, then lay the potato slices on top like the tiles of a roof. After that, mix the rest of the cream with the green pesto and spread this on top of the potatoes.

Finish this of with a layer of grated cheese.

In a preheated oven, 180 degrees. For about 30 minutes, and done!!



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