Recipe: Creamy Watercress soup



This is one of my favorite soups. The recipe is from the website of Holland’s biggest Supermarket, called Albert Heijn. A supermarket I used to work at in my late teens! And what a great time that was!

Ingredients for 4 persons:

1 packet of watercress, about 100 grams

4 large tomatoes

300 grams of cream cheese

3 sjalots

2 tablets of vegetable stock

3 tbsp of butter

6 tbs of tomato tapenade

8 slices of wholewheat bread


How to make the soup:

Fry the finely sliced sjalots (echalots) with the butter. Make a broth with the vegetable stock tablets and 800 ml of water.

After the sjalots are baked, add the watercress. Keep a few leefs apart for decoration later.

Add a little of the broth and put this mixture in a blender and make it a smooth substance.

Put the mixture back in the rest of the broth and add the diced creamcheese. Stirr untill the creamcheese is entirely dissolved.

Put the slices of bread in a toaster, cut the pieces into triangles and put the tapenade and sliced tomatoes on the sandwiches.