Homemade Sourdough Bread


After two days spent in the kitchen preparing for and cooking christmas dinners, I am finally sitting down on my couch and getting my rest, well deserved if I say so myself!

In the coming days I will be posting some items about the christmas dinners I cooked, but for now I want to share a post about sourdough bread.


Baking bread is one of my new found passions. Countless possibilities, flavours, tastes, shapes, anything you imagine you can make and bake. Sweet, savory, plain, filled with nuts, fruit, etc.. Anything!

When I am in the mood of spoiling myself a little I sometimes buy a sourdoughbread at a special organic shop.

Sourdough bread is made using sourdough, a rising agent that takes a lot of effort and time and patience to make, a very complicated proces!

But, because of the fact that is quite expensive to buy a real sourdough bread, I took on the challenge to make my own sourdough as the base for baking sourdough bread!

First off I did some research on how to create (grow) your own sourdough, and I found some great pointers and pictures on how to do it and how it should look like each day. It is like taking care of a pet, feeding it everyday, it is a live organism of course!

The result after about two weeks looks like the picture you see below (not my own picture).

With the use of my sourdough I made two breads: One of them I included in this post. Not bad I thought, for a first try! A lot of work and a lot of pafience, waiting for the dough to rise etc, but when you take the time it’s worth it!

Zuurdesem Zuurdesembrood