Homemade Healthy Chocolate and Mint Icecream – Recipe


Another winner, this one is!! I have been experimenting with frozen bananas as a base for icecream. Take a banana, cut it i to slices and freeze it overnight.

The next day you take the banana, add some (soy, nut or regular) milk, some agave sirop, nutbutter and some nuts of chocolate (or both), put this all in a foodprocessor and there’s your icecream! Some people call it a softserve because it is a little softer than regular icecream. But you could also put it in the freezer for half an hour to let it freeze a little bit more.

Anyway, a lot of combinations with banana as a base are of course possible, with fruit, cacoa and/or nuts.

But, I find that you always keep tasting the banana flavour, which is ok if you like bananas, but I sometimes just like a different taste!

Last week I went to my favourite kitchen supply store and I found a bottle of mint essence. And as I have always loved eating mint-icecream when I worked at Rotterdam’s famous Italian icecream shop called “Capri”, I decided to try and make mint-chocolate-chipicecream using frozen banana as the base or the icecream.

So I did! I took two frozen bananas, added some almondmilk, some agave sirup, quit some chopped up dark chocolate (>70%), and some mint esstence, and there it was, a lovely bowl of mint icecream! My favourite! When I made the icecream for the second time, I used just one drop of green food colouring to make the icecream look a little more attractive.

And here’s the picture!



Another delicious breakfast!


Every evening before I go to sleep I start thinking about what to have for breakfast.

Ever since I started really taking time to have breakfast, and putting some effort in making my breakfast taste and look delicious, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!

This morning I didn’t have anything in the fridge like overnight oats or buckwheat, so I made some yofu with granola and fruit! This week I bought some fruit i don’t eat often, so I put some of that fruit in my breakfast bowl!

Yofu combined with my homemade strawberrie granola, with blueberrie, persimmon, banana and blueberries and topped with some puffed quinoa…. And there’s my breakfast! Great start of my day I must say!


Overnight Oats – Endless Possibilities!!


Oatmeal has become increasingly popular recently.

As I am a person that never ate porridge like food when I was little, I have discovered oatmeal, buckwheat and other things lately and I love it!!

You can eat it warm, cold, with fruit or with (pea)nutbutter, whatever you like! Just put 1/3 cup of oats or buckwheat in fridge overnight with 2/3 cup of (nut)milk, or yoghurt, put a topping on and enjoy!

Some pics of what I have eaten recently:





Recipe: Buckwheat Breakfast


Yesterday’s breakfast was another winner: I made myself a buckwheat / fruit / tahini breakfast. YUM!

This breakfast I look forward to the day before, when I put the buckwheat flowers in the fridge to soak overnight in water.

Yesterday, after I brought the two eldest children to school, and I had some time for myself, I made this lovely breakfast!

I drained and rinced the soaked buckwheat and put it in the foodprocessor, together with 6 tbsp of oatmilk, pineapple, banana, a tbsp of tahini and a tbsp of maple sirup. Then I made a cream of everything and topped it off with fresh pineapple, blueberries, banana, raspberries and some cinnamon. Perfect!!