Another yummy BentoBox meal!!


Bento, bentobox, my bento, monbento, a whole new world opened itself to me when we decided to buy two lunchboxes from a company in France called Monbento!

A few years ago, when I was in Chinatown in London I ate a dish called a Bentobox; not knowing that this is such a wellknown term in foodie-land!

The word bento originally is the word for a Japanese lunch. You can buy a Bento in a shop, but lots of people make them at home and tske them to work. A traditional Bento consists of rice, fish/meat and vegetables. In Japan it is normal that people spend a lot of time making their Bento. There is even competition between parents to make their children the best looking bento!!

In general rules for a Bento are:
It has to packed with healthy ingredients;
3 parts carbs;
2 parts vegetables and/or fruit;
1 part protein

But when it comes to making my lunch or dinner to take to work, I usually go with what is in the fridge and let my imagination do the job! Baring in mind that I try to eat clean and healthy products…

Below some examples of the Bento’s I have made.







Lunch in a Bento!


Today is another day I am só looking forward to having lunch!

My bentobox is yet again filled with some lovely goods to have a scrumptious lunch today!

Salad, tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, smoked wild salmon, goats cheese and olives….YUM!


My lunch for today


My Bentobox makes me so happy!! It always was a big hassle to bring everything that I wanted to eat to work, especially because I am trying to eat low carb and glutenfree if possible.

Today I had lettuce with goats cheese, sundried tomatoes, black olives and pommegranate seeds. Yummie!

Because of this box I think of what I am going to have for lunch the next day which makes me look forward to my lunch all morning!

I am already thinking about what I am having for lunch the next time!!


My New Bentobox!


A few weeks ago I was browsing the internet looking for a lunchbox with different compartments to take things like salads and dressing to work.  My husband also wanted something  like this.

I found a French company that makes the so-called Bentobox! It appears to be product that is being used worldwide! You can find pics of the Bentobox everywhere on the internet, f.e. on Instagram.

Anyway, my husband and I ordered a customized Bentobox and we are quite happy with it! Also makes you think about what you are going to have for lunch the next day!

Last sunday I decided to make Buckwheat pancakes for my husband and myself to take to work the next day. Big success! We brought avocado, surimi and salad to go with the wraps, topped with some wasabi-mayonnaise. Yummie!!