Fathead Pizza!


In the long time that I have been eating Low Carb and searching the internet for recipes, I have seen the name fathead come by a lot, but never quite knew what it was.

Until today. I found a recipe for a fathead pizza base, made with cheese and almond flour, and it turned out great!!

Here’s the recipe:

170 grams of grated cheese, mozzarella or gouda;

85 grams of almond flour

1 egg

2 T creamcheese


First melt the cheeses in the microwave and stir well. After that add the almond flour and the egg and mix well again.

Put the mixture (with some herbs, garlic, salt/pepper) on a baking tray with a baking sheet at flatten it. Bake at 220C for 12-15 minutes, turn over and bake for another 5-10 minutes.

This is your pizza base. You can put just about anything you want on this pizza, just bake it for another 5-10 minutes and then your pizza is ready!


Peanutbutter Fatbombs!


Another experiment that was a success: Peanutbutter Fatbombs!

When following a ketogenic lifestyle, eating enough fat is important, so sometimes a fatty snack is a good solution. And when there is peanutbutter involved, what’s not to like??

I just melted 80 grams of peanutbutter and 40 grams of butter, put it in a silicon mold, put it in the freezer, and an hour or so later… ready!

IMG_20151104_170143 IMG_20151108_124057

Yesterday’s test-bake: Low Carb Coconut and Almond biscuits


After a week or so I always start thinking about sweets. Eating Low Carb means no Sugar, and this means eating much less sweet food. Which I really don’t mind, but apparently my brain starts missing something. So this is the point where I start browsing the internet for ideas. Coconut macaroons was an idea, and after comparing some recipes I came to this recipe…

  • 2 eggwhites
  • 75 grams of coconut flakes
  • 50 grams of almond flour
  • 2 tablespoons of Truvia
  • Some vanilla.

I whisked the eggwhites until stiff and mixed all the other ingredients in, about 25 minutes in the oven at 180 degrees (375F), and there you go!

They didn’t exactly taste like the real thing, but it sure satisfied my sugarcraving!