Lightly grilled tuna – Japanese Style – Recipe


Once in a while, on a saturday night, I use fresh, raw tuna and salmon to make sushi or sashimi, to eat as a very healthy but yet SO delicous snack.

Last weekend I bought a beautiful piece of tuna, but decided to put it on the grill for a minute or two. Just to bake the edges, the inside of the fish would still be quite raw.

The result – three words – in.cre.dible. Yummie.

I used soysauce, mirin, rice wine vinegar and honey to make a sauce, layed the pieces of tuna in the sauce and after that i rolled the tuna in the sesame seeds.

Put each side of the pieces of tuna on a hot grill for no more than 30 seconds, and…. Done!

You can use the sauce mentioned above as a dip, and combine this with wasabi to give it a kick!





Ok. This was only my first try using tempeh. But I sincerely doubt if I will ever be using tempeh again. I marinated the stuff in soy, oil, sambal and some other things, and I stir fried it with Japanese herbs.

Result: I couldn’t keep the tempeh in my mouth. What horrible taste! Tasted like vomit. Really. I swear.

So no Tempeh for me again I’m afraid!

The dish did look good though…