Lightly grilled tuna – Japanese Style – Recipe


Once in a while, on a saturday night, I use fresh, raw tuna and salmon to make sushi or sashimi, to eat as a very healthy but yet SO delicous snack.

Last weekend I bought a beautiful piece of tuna, but decided to put it on the grill for a minute or two. Just to bake the edges, the inside of the fish would still be quite raw.

The result – three words – in.cre.dible. Yummie.

I used soysauce, mirin, rice wine vinegar and honey to make a sauce, layed the pieces of tuna in the sauce and after that i rolled the tuna in the sesame seeds.

Put each side of the pieces of tuna on a hot grill for no more than 30 seconds, and…. Done!

You can use the sauce mentioned above as a dip, and combine this with wasabi to give it a kick!



My New Bentobox!


A few weeks ago I was browsing the internet looking for a lunchbox with different compartments to take things like salads and dressing to work.  My husband also wanted something  like this.

I found a French company that makes the so-called Bentobox! It appears to be product that is being used worldwide! You can find pics of the Bentobox everywhere on the internet, f.e. on Instagram.

Anyway, my husband and I ordered a customized Bentobox and we are quite happy with it! Also makes you think about what you are going to have for lunch the next day!

Last sunday I decided to make Buckwheat pancakes for my husband and myself to take to work the next day. Big success! We brought avocado, surimi and salad to go with the wraps, topped with some wasabi-mayonnaise. Yummie!!